Why is BetGames Popular

BetGames has been taking South African betting sites and punters by storm. It started off relatively slowly with only a few betting sites having betgames, but has since grown and now almost every single betting site in South Africa offers betgames.
But why is it so popular. There are three main reason why BetGames is so popular in South Africa.

Numbers based
BetGames are predominantly numbers based. This means that the games they offer are very similar to Lucky numbers, which has proved immensely popular in SA. By keeping the games focused around numbers (like lucky 5), they have ensured that players have an association to it and the gameplay doesn’t feel too foreign.

Easy & fun to play
Closely linked to the above, BetGames Africa have ensured that players who have never played betgames before can very quickly figure out how to play it. This is done by keeping it numbers based for similarity, as well as keeping the bet types simple and intuitive. Each game has bet markets which are easy to understand and easy to know if you win or lose

24hour gameplay
Unlike lucky numbers which are drawn at specific times throughout the day and sports, which take place during match times and maybe 3-10 matches per day at the most. Betgames offers 24hours of gameplay. There is a draw every 3 minutes and as one game ends you can play one of the others (at the moment BetGames offers 6 different games)