Sportingbet Dream Catcher

What is Dream Catcher?

Sportingbet, one of South Africa’s largest sportsbook offers a wide range of betting services including the popular game which is called Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher is a lucky Money Wheel game and produced by Evolution Gaming.

How do you play Dream Catcher?

To play dream catcher on the Sportingbet online platform, you must be a registered Sportingbet client, do not worry if you are yet to register, you simply need to visit the Sportingbet website and complete the simple registration process. After registering for an account, you will be ready to place your bet.
When you are playing The Dream Catcher, the dealer will spin a large vertical wheel. There are several dealers who present the dream catcher but unlike Betgames, the Dream Catcher hosts are either male or female. The hosts can interact with the audience through chat messages.
The Dream Catcher wheel is divided into 54 equal segments which are separated by pins. Of those 54 segments, 52 are marked with a number (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) with a unique colour for each number. If the wheel stops at your chosen number after the spin, you will be a  winner. If the wheel stops on 2x or 7x, then all bets shall remain standing, but any wins on the next spin shall be multiplied by 2 or 7, according to the multiplier the wheel stopped on in the original spin.

How do you place a Dream Catcher Bet?

Playing this game is quite easy, you simply have to select the amount you wish to stake and click on the number you want to bet on and wait for the wheel to be spun.
There is a limited amount of time between spins, which means that you must be quick when you place your bets because you will not be able to take any bets once the wheel is spun. 
There is a repeat function which lets you repeat all of your previous bets if you choose to. You can also click the UNDO button repeatedly to remove bets, one by one, in the reverse order of which they were placed. You can clear all your bets by holding the UNDO button.
There is also a double button which becomes available after you have placed any bet. Each click you make doubles all your bets up to the maximum limit but you must have a sufficient funds in your account in order to double all your placed bets.