Spina Zonke Tips – Spina Zonke Hollywoodbets

It is not possible to talk about the South African betting industry without mentioning Hollywoodbets, that story will not be complete. The reason why the bookmaker is so popular is because it gives its customers a world class betting experience by sourcing the latest betting products so that their customers have unlimited betting opportunities, one such product is the Zonke Games. Zonke Games is a Hollywoodbets product which offers over 60 different Spina Zonke slot games, this is quite a lot of games to choose from and all slot enthusiasts will definitely enjoy betting on Zonke games on the Hollywoodbets platform.

Each of the games which form part of the Zonke games collection is different and has got its own unique theme, bonuses and features, please note that the games range from soccer games, greek gods games and gangsters games. One of the main advantages of playing these games is just how affordable they are as you can place a bet for just 10c. Some of the Zonke games you can play are Pumpkin Patch, Wizards Want War, Lucky Lucky, The Dragon Castle, Frontier Fortune, Cake Valley, Magic Oak, Wild Trucks, Rolling Soccer and several other exciting games.

How to find the Zonke Games?
It is important for you to remember that in order for you to be able to bet on the Hollywoodbets platform, you must be a registered Hollywoodbets client, so hurry and register if you had not done so already. To find the Zonke games, you must visit the Hollywoodbets site at https://new.hollywoodbets.net/ and click on the ‘Spina Zonke’ link which is located at the top left-hand side of the homepage. If you click on this link, you will be redirected to the Spina Zonke slot games page where you can make your bets on your prefered games.

On the Zonke games page, you must select any game of your choice to play by clicking on it. After clicking on the game, you will be directed to a pay table that shows the value of each symbol and the payout, you must proceed by clicking on “I Accept” if you are ready to play, and this option will open the game screen for you to play.