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Find the complete list of all Live dealer and online casino games in South African betting sites.

Super Sic Bo

The game of dice has been played since time immemorial. Over the years, different game providers and software developers have come up with different creative and innovative strategies all aimed at increasing the fun factor when playing dice. To add to the number of software developers that have revamped the game of dice over the years is Evolution Gaming, a top game provider that recently released Super Sic Bo.

Super Sic Overview

Super Sic Bo is a dice game that comes with a Chinese flair. The main objective when playing Super Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the roll of dice. There are different bet options that players can choose to make when playing Super Sic Bo and these will be revealed later on. Super Sic Bo is played with three dice that are rolled at the same time.

There are two important things about Super Sic Bo that players need to know before they start playing the game. First, this dice game is a chance based game meaning there is no proven strategy that players can employ to improve their chances of winning. Winning when playing Super Sic Bo is purely based on luck hence it’s very important to know all the possible bets and their payout information before starting a gaming adventure. By knowing the bets available and their payout information, players can better place bets from an informed position.

Secondly, Super Sic Bo is a real money game only. What this effectively means is that players cannot play the game in a practice mode or demo mode. However, this is not to say players shold go all in and risk their entire bankroll without learning the game rules, playing tips and winning strategy first. To do this, players simply need to try out the game with the lowest possible bet amount which is just a paltry 0.20 coins. Only after mastering the game rules and playing tips can players proceed to wager with higher bets; the highest possible bet when playing Super Sic Bo is 10 000 coins!

Playing Information and Bet Options

As has been alluded to before, the main objective of Super Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the roll of dice based on the bet options of the game. The bet options available when playing the game are as follows:

  • Odd/Even

This bet option allows players to bet on whether the outcome of the three roll dice is going to be odd or even. Players who make this bet ought to know that it loses if there is a triple win that is, if three dice show the same number.

  • Small/Big

This bet option allows players to bet on whether the total of the three roll dice is going to be small that is, from 4 to 10 or it’s going to be big that is from 11 to 17. Just as the odd/even bet, the small/big bet loses in case of a triple win.

  • Total

This bet option allows players to place bets on the total outcome of the three roll dice. Players can choose any number from 4 to 17.

  • Single

This bet allows players to bet on any one of the face value of the roll dice. Essentially, this entails that if players choose 5, then one of the three roll dice has to be 5 in order to win.

  • Double

This bet option is the same as the single bet but here, players have to choose two numbers. After the dice is rolled, if the numbers on the side of any two dice are the same as the numbers the player picked, then the player wins.

  • Triple

This bet option allows players to predict the numbers that the dice will fall on after the roll.

  • Any triple

This bet option allows players to choose one number from 1 to 6 that he thinks all three dice will fall on after the roll.

  • Combination

This bet allows the player to bet on any or all of the 15 possible 2-dice combinations

Game Multipliers

After betting has stopped but before the dice have been rolled, lightning will strike the betting section and apply multipliers to random numbers. If the numbers picked by the players are awarded multipliers and end up winning, the player will win the payout for the number multiplied by the random multiplier awarded.

Game Payouts

As there are varied types of bets that the player can place so too are the payouts. Straightforward bets such as Small/Big and Odd/Even come with low odds (1:1 for both) while more risky bets come with higher odds. The Super Sic Bo payout table which can be easily viewed in the Settings tab when playing the game has all the possible payout odds.

 Round Up

Super Sic Bo is a great game to play more so considering that it comes with a wide range of bets as well as bet options. This gives players the room to choose the perfect bet that suits their bankroll while at the same time allowing them to go for the perfect bet option. Though it’s not possible to play the game for free, players can just part with as low as 0.20 coins to start a session.

Side Bet City

Poker ranks as one of the most popular casino games in the world attracting millions of players both online and in brick and mortar casinos. In as much as poker is loved by many, there are some shortcomings which discourage players from playing the game on a frequent basis. One of these includes the presence of too many bet options (main hand) coupled with a number of side bets. Having recognized that some players aren’t fond of the presence of numerous bet options, Evolution Gaming decided to come up with Side Bet City.

How Side Bet City Differs from Other Poker Variants

Side Bet City is a poker game but at the same time, it’s not your ‘typical’ poker game. This necessitated by the fact that Side Bet City is unique and some would say innovative in some ways in comparison to other poker variants. The main difference as can be noted from above is the fact that it does not come with too many bet options; there’s no main hand bet options when playing Side Bet City but only side bet options.

The lack of main hand bet options in turn means that when playing Side Bet City, players are not playing against a dealer or other players as is the case with other poker variants. Rather, when playing Side Bet City, players will be competing against a paytable (more of this below).

Poker in general is known as a game of strategy as the player will be aiming to outsmart the dealer or fellow players through employing various strategies be it gameplay skills or psychological offsets. However, as Side Bet City is played against the paytable, it means that this poker variant is not a game of strategy but a game of chance. This makes it a great proposition for all casino players even the beginners who do not have much poker experience.

How Side Bet City is played

Side Bet City is played live in a stunning Las Vegas studio reminiscent of the 1980s. Once the player has grabbed his seat at the poker table, the fifteen second betting window will commence. During the betting window, the player has to choose whether to place a bet on one or more bet options available; there are four bet options available in total.

The four bets available include placing a bet on the 3-card hand, 5-card hand, 7-card hand or the All Lose option. Just like any other poker variant, the objective here depending on the card hand the player chooses is to predict the hand that’s going to be dealt with options ranging from Any Pair, Pair JJ-AA, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush. Apart from these, the player can also choose to place a bet on the All Lose bet option; this bet simply entails that the 3-card hand bet, 5-card hand bet and the 7-card hand bet will all lose.

Side Bet City is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Once the betting window has closed, the deck is shuffled and the player first deals the 3-card hand. For players who would have placed on the 3-card hand, they will be able to see if they have won or not; a message will pop up on the screen if the player has won. Afterwards, the next two cards are dealt allowing players who have placed bets on the 5-card hand to see if they have won or not. Thereafter, another two cards are dealt giving players who would have placed a bet on the 7-card hand and/or the All Lose bet to see their game results.

Side Bet City Payouts

Side Bet City has four different theoretical return to player percentages depending on the bet option the player chooses. The 3-card hand comes with a 96.69% RTP, the 5-card hand comes with a 95.21% RTP, and the 7-card hand comes with a 94.34% RTP while the All Lose bet comes with a 96.29% RTP.

Round Up

Side Bet City is a great game for poker lovers more so those who have a knack for simplicity when choosing a game to play. Thanks to the inclusion of only side bets, this game is pretty simple to play making it suitable even to casino beginners who do not have much gaming experience.

Monopoly Live

Simplicity and complexity are two elements that starkly divide casino players. On one end of the spectrum, there are those players who highly value complexity more than anything else when looking for a game to play; if the game is not complex enough, then they won’t settle for it. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those players who value simplicity more than anything else when looking for a casino game to play; if a game is not simple enough then they won’t try it out. Well, for players who find themselves in the latter category, there is one amazingly simple casino game that they have to try out and the game is Monopoly Live. Want the real thing, try finding on of the Best South African Casinos.

Monopoly Live Overview and how to play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a money wheel game. This simply means that to win in this game, the player will need to place a bet on any one of the numbers on the Monopoly Live wheel. The Monopoly Live wheel is a vertical wheel that’s spun by a stunning and talkative host who will converse with all players during the gaming session.

The numbers that the player can bet on when playing the game are as follows:

  • 1                                 Occupy 22 positions on the wheel
  • 2                                 Occupy 15 positions on the wheel
  • 5                                 Occupy 7 positions on the wheel
  • 10                              Occupy 4 positions on the wheel
  • 2 (roll bonus)      Occupy 3 positions on the wheel
  • 4 (roll bonus)      Occupy 1 position on the wheel
  • Chance Card       Occupy 2 positions on the wheel

To place a bet, the player will simply need to select the chips that correspond to his bankroll and place them above the number he is betting on (player can place bets on all positions except the Chance Card). By placing chips on the number position, the dealer will recognize that a bet has been placed and proceed to spin the wheel. After the wheel stops spinning, a pointer will highlight the winning number hence the player will cross check to see if the winning number is the same as his bet. If they are the same, then it means the player would have won.

Monopoly Live Payouts

Payouts when playing Monopoly Live pay according to the number value. Essentially, what this means is that a bet placed on number one will have a 1 to 1 odds. In the same vein, a bet placed on number 5 will have 5 to 1 odds while that on number 10 will have 10 to 1 odds. However, as can be noted from the table above, the Monopoly Live wheel has two roll bonus bets plus the Chance Card; these are the key in triggering Monopoly Live bonus games.

Bonus Games

If from a resulting spin the pointer hits at a Chance Card, the game will either award the player an instant cash prize or award a win multiplier. If the player is awarded a win multiplier, the dealer will re-spin the wheel one more time (for free of course). If the player’s bet wins during the re-spin, the win multiplier will come into effect. If lady luck is on the player’s side, it’s possible for the player to win another multiplier during the re-spin; when this happens, the two multipliers will multiply each other meaning if for instance the player was awarded a 10x multiplier in the first place and another 10x multiplier during the re-spin, he will have a 100x win multiplier on hold during the next spin. If the player’s bet manages to win on the next bet, then the payout is multiplied by a 100x multiplier! This feature allows game payouts to increase exponentially even up to 1000 to 1 odds! Simply amazing, isn’t it.

As if the above isn’t enough, things can get even better, if the Chance Card win is followed by the roll bonus wins either 2 or 4, then things will get pretty unbelievable. The player will be asked to play a game of Monopoly. Playing the game of Monopoly, the player must aim to build houses and hotels in high paying streets as well as having Mr. Monopoly land on the chance card or community chest in order to scoop some excellent rewards. The only thing to avoid during the bonus Monopoly game is not to land on income or super tax as this will see a significant percentage of up to 20% being removed from bonus winnings.

Game Verdict

Monopoly Live is simply an amazing game that is very simple to understand and also to play. The game comes with a wide range of bet sizes that appeal to all players from the low rollers to the high rollers as players can choose to wager with anything from 0.10 coins up to 5000 coins.

Lightning Dice

Evolution Gaming released Lightning Roulette sometime back and the game was a huge hit with a lot gamers; something necessitated by the game’s lucrativeness thanks to unbelievable multipliers. Having noticed the massive success that Lightning Roulette enjoyed, Evolution Gaming decided to make the Lightning franchise and the second game that players will find in the franchise is Lightning Dice. Just like the original Lightning game, Lightning Dice is a highly entertaining and lucrative game and this is going to be highlighted in the review below.

Lightning Dice Overview

Lightning Dice is a pretty simple dice game. The objective when playing Lightning Dice is to predict the sum total of three dice rolls. As the game is played with three dice, it means the betting options for the player range from 3 to 18. Essentially, what this means is that the player has to choose any one number among 3 and 18 to place a bet. For those who have deep pockets and looking for the ultimate fun, they can go all-in and place bets on all numbers at once!

How to play Lightning Dice

Having understood the objective of the game, now let’s take time to understand how players can start their gaming session. Lightning Dice is a real money only game meaning players have to wager their own cash in order to play; there is no practice mode to try out the game for free. In as much as this may disappoint some players especially those who love playing for fun, it’s important to note that the bet options when playing Lightning Dice are varied and numerous thereby giving both low rollers and high rollers an opportunity to play the game. Low rollers can wager with lowly bets of just 0.10 coins per spin while high rollers can go big with bets of 2000 coins per spin.

Having selected the bet to wager with, the next step is for the player is to choose the corresponding chips and place them directly above the number they are betting for on the bet layout section just below the dice tower. Once all participating players have placed their bets, the dealer, will throw three dice into the tower; the dice will pass through three tower sections. As the dice find their way to the bottom of the tower base, a lightning will strike one or more numbers on the bet layout section.

When the dice reach the base of the tower, the dealer will announce the total of the three dice. The player can therefore proceed to cross check with his bet and if the two align, then the player will scoop a payout.

Lightning Multipliers

What makes Lightning Dice entertaining and also lucrative is the lightning that strikes the numbers as the dice find their way to the base of the tower. Random multipliers of up to 1000x are applied to the number/s that is struck by lightning. If the number that the lightning strike end up being the total of the three dice and at the same time the same as the player’s bet, then the player will stand to win the game payout coupled with the respective multiplier!

Game Payouts

Without factoring in the win multipliers, Lightning Dice comes with a theoretical return to player percentage of 96.21%. The Lightning Dice payout table is as follows:

Total 10 or 114-49 to 1 (50x)
Total 9 or 125-49 to 1 (50x)
Total 8 or 136-49 to 1 (50x)
Total 7 or 149-99 to 1 (100x)
Total 6 or 1514-99 to 1 (100x)
Total 5 or 1624-249 to 1 (250x)
Total 4 or 1749-499 to 1 (500x)
Total 3 or 18149-999 to 1 (1000x)

Game Verdict

Simplicity is one of the most important values that players look for before deciding to settle for a game and if this value is what you are looking after, then Lightning Dice is the game to play. Coming with pretty straightforward rules and gameplay instructions, Lightning Dice can be played by all from the casino beginners to the pros. The simplicity factor is not the only pull factor to Lightning Dice but also the game’s potential to reward players excellently thanks to massive lightning win multipliers.

Football Studio

Traditionally, sports betting services have been offered in brick and mortar casinos where a dedicated sports book section is found in once corner of the casino floor. This practice has since been adopted by online gambling establishments who offer casino games sports betting services all under one roof.

However, while casino games and sports betting services are often offered under one roof, rarely do casino players switch even temporarily to sports betting nor do sports punters temporarily switch to playing casino games. It seems as if casino players and sports punters are comfortable in the field and see no reason to enter into another ‘world’. Evolution Gaming, one of the leading software developers in the world however in recent times has tried to bridge this gap that exists between casino players and sports punters through releasing the Football Studio game.

What is Football Studio?

Football Studio is a live dealer casino game that differs from traditional casino games in that it is appealing to both casino players and sports punters; this necessitated by the fact that the game fuses elements of Baccarat and elements of real football. Players looking to play Football Studio ought to know that when they load the game, a football pitch will appear on the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a live dealer sitting at his table while to his right-hand side is a Live Chat platform as well as a commentary section.

At the table, the dealer will have two decks of cards (one deck in the Home Team section and another in the Away Team section). The dealer when playing Football Studio has two tasks, one is to draw the cards from his deck and secondly, he is tasked with football commentary that is, providing players with real time football updates and milestones from a live football match that will be taking place. The Live Chat section enables players to interact with each other while discussing about the game in progress as well as any other games that may be following up. The commentary section gives players the opportunity to follow all key milestones from the live football match that will be taking place.

How to play Football Studio

The objective when playing Football Studio is to make football bets. There are three bets that the player can make that is, betting for the home team to win (Home bet), betting for the away team to win (Away bet) and betting for a draw (Tie bet).

When players have placed their bets, the punter will draw two cards face up from the two decks of cards. Afterwards, players will compare the two drawn cards, if the player’s card is higher than the dealers (other drawn card), then the player receives a payout. In essence, what this means is that if the player placed a home bet and the card from the home deck Is a 10 while the card from the away deck is a 7, then the player will have won. All cards are worth their face value apart from Ace (A) which is the highest card. In order of highest to the lowest, Football Studio card valuation is as follows: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

Football Studio Payouts

The payouts for the Home and Away bets pay 1 to 1. This means is the player make a $1 bet and he wins, he will wins $1. The odds increase drastically when the player chooses the Tie bet as the odds stand at 11:1.

It is possible for players to place two bets at once that is, a Home bet or Away bet plus a Tie bet. If players make such a bet and the result comes out as a tie, the odds for the tie stand at 11:1 while that of the other Home/Away bet will see half of the wager being returned.


Football Studio is an innovative game which affords casino players to venture into the sports betting world while at the same time affording sports punters the opportunity to understand something about casino gambling.

Dream Catcher

The emergence of online casinos thanks to the internet was welcomed by most gamers as it brought about convenience. Not only were players able to enjoy their favourite casino games at any time of the day or night but now, they could do so in the comfort of their own homes. In as much as online casinos brought about convenience to the players, online games failed on one front that is, to incorporate the social aspect of gaming. Having recognized this, software developers took time to come up with strategies to allow online players to experience a more life-like gaming atmosphere even when gaming in the comfort of their own homes. The solution they came up with was to develop live casino games.

Live casino games did bring about an element of the social aspect of gaming as players were able to interact with each other as well as the dealer in real time. Live casino games when they first came onto the scene however mostly catered for table game enthusiasts. Slots lovers as well as bingo fans didn’t partake much in live games as only a few slots and bingo games were playable in real time. That however changed when Evolution developed the Dream Catcher game.

Dream Catcher Overview

Dream Catcher is a live game that was developed by Evolution Gaming with slots and bingo fans in mind. The game was primarily developed to ensure that all casino players apart from fans of table and card games could play games in real time. Just like slots and bingo, Dream Catcher is a chance based game in which players have to bank on lady luck to make their gaming adventure a successful one.

Dream Catcher is a money wheel game which is played on a large vertical wheel. The wheel has 54 coloured segments of which 52 spots are occupied by numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The other two spots are occupied by multipliers; 2x and 7x multipliers.

How to play Dream Catcher

To play Dream Catcher, players have to place bets on any one of the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. It’s also possible to place bets on two or more numbers even all 6 numbers at once! To place a bet, the player simply has to select the chips that correspond to his bankroll and place them above the number he is betting on. By doing so, the dealer will immediately know the player’s bet.

Once all participating players have placed their bets, the dealers will spin the wheel. After the wheel stops spinning, a leather pointer will show the winning number. If the player placed a bet on the winning number then he will receive a payout.

It’s possible for the pointer to point towards the multiplier spots. When this happens, the player is awarded a wheel re-spin. If on the subsequent re-spin the player’s bet wins, then the payout for the win is multiplied by the previous multiplier.

Game Payouts

Dream Catcher payouts are pretty straightforward. All odds match the number in the winning segment. What this means is that if the player bets on 1, then the payout is 1 to 1. In the same vein, the payout for a bet on 2 stands at 2:1, the payout for a bet on 5 stands at 5:1, the payout for a bet on 10 stands at 10:1, the payout for a bet on 20 stands at 20:1 and the payout for a bet on 40 stands at 40:1.

Dream Catcher Strategy

Dream Catcher is a game of chance meaning that there is no proven scientific strategy that players can employ to significantly improve their chances of winning. This however does not mean that players can blindly play the game without taking any precautions. As a strategy, it’s advisable to first play Dream Catcher in the practice mode to learn the game rules, playing tips and winning strategy before resorting to real money play. Also, the Dream Catcher wheel is designed in such a way that number 1 appears more frequently on the wheel and comes with lesser odds. Number 40 on the other hand appears only once but comes with higher odds.    As such, for players looking to frequent but small wins, the best route is to wager on single numbers that is 1, 2 and 5. On the other hand, for players looking for the big wins, then the best route is to place bets on double digit numbers that is, 10, 20 and 40.

Round Up

Dream Catcher as can be noted from the above is a pretty simple live casino game hence it’s a great proposition for casino beginners as well as pro players. Though simple, the game is nonetheless, fun, entertaining and highly lucrative thus making it and incredible game to try out.

Dragon Tiger

Table and card games have generally been regarded as complex games. This has largely been necessitated by the portrayal of such games in movies and films alike as most of the times, men and women clad in nice suits and putting on no nonsense faces are seen outwitting each other. The portrayal of table and card games on movies and films differs from the portrayal of slots, bingo and scratch cards that are generally regarded as simple and fun games. Having recognized this, Evolution Gaming has made it its mission to debunk this myth (complexity of table and card games) by releasing casino games that are pretty simple, fast and easy to play just like slots, bingo and scratch cards. One such game is Dragon Tiger.

Game Overview

Dragon Tiger is a card game that is pretty simple, fast and easy to play. Just to illustrate how this game is fast and simple, a gaming session playing Dragon Tiger takes just 25 seconds! Yes, you read that right, in just 25 seconds, the player will place the bet, the cards will be dealt and a winner will be announced! Now, this is simplicity isn’t it?

The beauty of Dragon Tiger does not just reside in the fact that it’s fast to play; the game rules are also easy to understand while gameplay is very simple. The objective when playing Dragon Tiger is to predict which the highest hand between the Dragon and the Tiger.

Gameplay Info

To start a gaming session, the player needs to place a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. To place a bet, the player simply needs to place his chips directly above the bet that he has chosen. Once done, the dealer will deal two cards face up, one for the Dragon and the other for the Tiger. Whichever option between the Dragon and the Tiger that has been dealt a card higher in value will be the winner.

When playing Dragon Tiger, Ace (A) is worth 1, card numbers 2 to 10 are worth their face value followed by Jack, Queen and King being the highest card.

Side Bets

When playing Dragon Tiger, it’s possible for players to place some side bets. In all, there are two side bets to choose from that is, the Tie bet and the Suited Tie bet. When the player chooses to place a bet on the Tie bet, to win, the cards that are dealt both on the Dragon and the Tiger should be equal in rank. When the player chooses to place a bet on the Suited Tie bet, to win, the cards that are dealt both on the Dragon and the Tiger should be equal both in rank and suit.

One important thing when it comes to side bets when playing Dragon Tiger is that they cannot be exclusively placed. Side bets can only be placed as an addition to the main bet.

Game Payouts

The theoretical return to player percentages differ when playing Dragon Tiger according to the bet placed. The main bet (Dragon/Tiger) comes with an RTP of 96.27%. The Tie bet comes with an RTP of 89.64%. The Suited Tie bet comes with an RTP of 86.02%.

The highest odds are for the Suited Tie bet which pays 50:1 followed by the Tie bet which pays 11:1 while the main bet (Dragon/Tiger) pays 1:1.

Round Up

When looking for a game that is simple, fast and easy, there is nothing that comes close to Dragon Tiger. The simplicity of the game allows all sorts of players be it the beginners or the pros to play easily play the game. Played on a Baccarat-esque table, Dragon Tiger is a great proposition for players who have a thing for Baccarat.

World Sports Betting Live Casino Games

Casinos have been around ever since the 18th century and has evolved over the years to what it is today. In South Africa, the online casino gaming industry has seen a remarked rise in recent years and now most bookmakers like Hollywoodbets, World Sports Betting and many others now offer  live casino games to their customers. 

What is a live casino?

You may be wondering what live casino is, a ‘live dealer casino’ is a real, physical casino where you are offered a real-life casino dealer who is available to deal the cards and interact with you. Live Casino offers advanced live streaming and some of the latest technologies that will give you the real casino feeling.
Punters enjoy playing live casino because it is very sociable than playing digital games. You get to interact with the live dealer and fellow players by sending messages.
There are quite a number of Live Casino Games available to bet on in the betting industry at the moment. Some of the games include Live blackjack, Live roulette, Live three-card poker, Live dragon tiger, Live Caribbean poker, Live baccarat and Live casino hold’em.

Does World Sports Betting offer Live Casino?

World Sports Betting is among the South African bookmakers who are currently offering live Casino Games and their customers are enjoying live casino games like live roulette and lightning dice on the go on their smartphones or Computers as long as they are registered World Sports Betting clients.
All  the games offered by World Sports Betting are provided by BetGames and Evolution Gaming, these games are very good because they are regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

Which live casino games does World Sports Betting offer?

World Sports Betting offers quite a large number of live casino games and punters are spoilt of choice in terms of the amount of betting options on live casino.
Dream Catcher
Lightning Roulette
Immersive Roulette Roulette
French Roulette Gold Auto Roulette
First Person Lightning Roulette

First Person Roulette
VIP Roulette Double Ball Roulette
American Roulette

Speed Roulette
Speed Auto-Roulette Auto-Roulette VIP
Auto-Roulette La Partage Salon Prive Roulette
Deal or No Deal

Monopoly Live
Lightning Dice

Side Bet City
Football Studio

Speed Baccarat
Super Sic Bo Dragon Tiger

World Sports Betting also offer the popular Betgames products namely; Lucky 5 , Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Speedy 7, Dice Duel, War of Bets, Wheel of Fortune, Bet on Poker, Baccarat and Poker 6 +

How to bet on Live Casino on the World Sports Betting Website?

Firstly, in order to play live casino games on the WSB platform, you must be a registered client with a successfully FICA’d account. If you are not already registered, you can do so easily by clicking on the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button on the top menu of the World Sports Betting website and complete the registration process.
After signing up or logging into your account, you must locate the red ‘Live Games’ link which is on the homepage and you will be redirected to a casino page with a long list of Live Casino Games.
You must locate you preferred game and play, after making your selections you can go on to input your stake and submit your bet.

How to bet on Live Casino on the World Sports Betting Mobile site?

There is not much of a difference between betting on the World Sports Betting Website or Mobile Site, the major difference is in the layout of the pages but you will follow the same process in placing live casino bets.
On the WSB mobile site, the red ‘Live Games’ button is located on the main menu, click on it and proceed with the betting process.

Does World Sports Betting have a Live Casino promotion at the moment?

World Sports Betting has a running live casino promotion on Lightning Roulette or Lightning Dice called the ‘Lightning Multiplier’ .

World Sports Betting ‘Lightning Multiplier’

World Sports Betting are the champions of multiplication, see your payout being multiplied 500 times in the ‘Lightning Multiplier’ promotion.
In order to stand a chance of winning in this promotion, you need to take a bet of a minimum of R5 on either the Lightning Roulette or Lightning Dice.
Valid bets are the those taken before the first of May 2020 where winners could win 500 times their bet back. 
The ‘Lightning Multiplier’ promotion is limited to a payout of R25000.

Live Casino Games at Betway South Africa

Betway is one of the biggest online gambling houses in South Africa visited by thousands of players every single day. There are many reasons why Betway is a highly popular online casino and among these are the facts that Betway offers its players incredible promotional perks (as will be seen later on in this article) and that the casino accepts both casino players as well as sports punters. This article is going to focus on the former that is, casino offerings at Betway with a particular focus at live casino games.

How to find Live Casino Games at Betway

Live casino games allow players to enjoy their favourite casino games in real time! As if playing games in real time isn’t impressive on its own, live casino games also allow players to enjoy the social aspect during their gaming session as they can use live interactive chat service to communicate with fellow gamers. This makes the games more immersive and also makes the whole gaming experience more life-like.

For players who would love to enjoy their live casino games at South Africa’s best online gambling house, they can simply follow the steps below to find all the live casino offerings:

  1. From any web browser either on the desktop or on mobile, search for
  2. On the homepage, either press the login button for registered users or the Sign Up button for unregistered users (the registration process is quite simple at Betway and everything takes place in under 5 minutes!)
  3. Check the Header section and navigate to the ‘Live’ button
  4. Click on the ‘Live’ button and you will be redirected to the Live Casino lobby
  5. Once inside the lobby, you can check out all the Live Casino offerings.

Live Casino games on offerat Betway SA

The player’s eyes will be mesmerized by the sheer high number of games inside the Live Casino lobby. From casino games, virtual sports to eSports, everything is there in the Live Casino lobby. If full, here is everything that you will find at Betway.

  • BetGames: At Betway, all table and card games including the wheel games are referred to as Betgames. Betgames available include:
  • Baccarat: This is a card comparing game in which the player aims to outrank the hand of the dealer but should not exceed 9.
  • Poker: Poker at this house comes in different variants but the aim in most of these is to get the highest hand in comparison to all competing players.
  • Blackjack: This is a card comparing game in which the player aims to outrank the hand of the dealer but not exceeding 21.
  • Dice and Duel: This game gives the player the opportunity to choose the dice (between red and black) that will have the highest face value after the host has rolled them. It’s possible to bet for a tie that is, both dice coming with the same face value.
  • Wheel of Fortune: A game in which a wheel with 1 to 18 numbers is spun and players are asked to choose the number and/or colour where the clapper will land.
  • eSports: Players at Betway can make use of the Live Casino lobby to place eSports bets including in-play bets on some of the world’s most popular eSports games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Call of Duty, StarCraft and King of Glory. The betting markets available for eSports include the Match Result (choosing the player/team to win the entire match), Handicap (choosing the team with the handicap advantage to either win or lose) and Map Winner (choosing the team/player to win a certain map rather than the entire match).
  • Virtual Sports: 24/7, Betway will run virtual sports games ranging from football, ice hockey, table tennis, cricket, horseracing and greyhound racing. Sports punters can engage in virtual sports betting at any time of the day or night. Most of the common betting markets for different sports are supported at Betway thereby giving punters the opportunity to choose the betting market of their preferred choice. 

Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

  • More Than Sport 100 Promotion: Players and punters who place a R5 bet on Live Casino games will automatically enter into a daily and weekly draw. Lucky winners for the daily draw will receive R100 while lucky winners for the weekly draw will receive a R5, 000 golden ticket. 

Round Up

With a wide array of live casino games, eSports and virtual sports, Betway is a great proposition for players and punters who have a knack for enjoying their gaming experience in real time. Players and punters can enjoy their Betway gaming experience either on the desktop or on mobile as the site is mobile friendly.