Betway BetGames

The online sports betting industry in South Africa is wide, varied and full of well-established name brands, and some of the better sites offer a range of features and a substantial bet-market. See all Betting sites offering Betgames.

Betway is one of the biggest online sports betting service providers in Africa and the South African platform is an extension of the professionalism and high standard.

The site offers a significantly large sportsbook as well as top-notch promotions while also providing punters with win-opportunities through a feature called Betgames.

Betgames can be found on the main menu directory on the site’s landing page. The feature is a unique, innovative blend of virtual play and live broadcast dealing and presenting and this model combines the best of quick play with the familiarity of watching a live performance.

The Betway mobi site provides betgames on the main menu directory of the landing page and is the fourth tab.

Betgames offers nine games, including lucky 5, lucky 6, lucky 7, poker, baccarat, War of Cards, Wheel of Fortune and two dice contests.

The lucky 5, 6 and 7 games are lottery like draws done every five minutes, with each separate game having a separate dealer and draw event.

The draws, dice throws, or card deals are done every two to five minutes depending on the game chosen, and they provide a varying degree of odds, ranging from 1.01/1 to 2000/1.

Between the nine games there are 350 outcomes available and the events occur 24/7.

Betway provides an excellent platform for the live broadcast, both on the website and mobi site with a large portion of the page dedicated to the dealer or lotto presenter, followed by a substantial bet-market.

The key to maximising the effects of live broadcast is to ensure a graphically enhanced experience and manages to do this on both web and mobi portals.

The range and variety of bet-events available on betgames provides punters with an opportunity to win and experience a virtual/live experience.