Betgames South Africa

BetGames are becoming one of the most popular betting products in South Africa, after Sport. As online casino is illegal in South Africa, BetGames offers one of the closest ways for us to enjoy casino-type games, plus it is very similar to lucky numbers so it is similar to what most punters are used to betting on. The main difference being the actual gameplay and visuals.

Where to Play BetGames Online in South Africa

Although BetGames is a fun game to play in the retail stores, it is exceptionally fun to play online. This is because it works so well on your mobile and you get to watch the balls drop in real-time with the presenters on your phone. Almost every betting site in SA offers betGames, and this includes the main betting companies like Hollywoodbets betgames, betway betgames and WorldSportsBetting. Although the product will look quite similar on all the sites, there are subtle differences. Some betting sites, like WSB,only offer the Lucky games (lucky 5, 6, and 7.), while other betting sites like Hollywoodbets, offers the full suite of betgames products which includes wheel of fortune and dice duel.
Apart from that, sometimes the odd are slightly different as well, so it’s worth looking around the various betting sites to make sure you are getting the best odds. Sometimes, if the gameplay is so much better and the site is one you prefer playing on, it’s best to play even if they don’t have the best odds.

How to play betGames in South Africa

The best thing is about BetGames is that it is so easy to play and that there are games every 3 minutes so you are always able to play. Also, minimum bets are usually set at R1 meaning you get lots of play for little money. Each game is slightly different, but for every game from BetGames, you get to watch real draws by real people which makes it more fun. Sometimes these are lotto ball draws, are a wheel spinning or playing cards being drawn. The betting is not typically on which ball will be dropped but rather typically on a combination of factors. These include bet markets like will more odd balls be dropped than even, will all the dropped balls add up to even, will more balls of a certain colour be dropped than others etc.